Sign the petition! There are currently 10 storm water outfalls, or pipes, along Naples Beaches. The City of Naples is researching to extend these pipes farther offshore dumping nutrient rich, toxic stormwater on our nearshore reefs. Results would be more dead fish and red tide. CCWK proposes to treat the storm water initially before dumping it offshore into the Gulf. Read more in the petition and sign it! Thank you – CCWK
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The Conservancy has implemented a man made water filter for Coastland Mall that has been hugely successful.  The Conservatory has already started to look for other areas locally where this could be applied.  Golf courses serve as a major storm water run off polluter.  Whenever it rains all the chemicals used to maintain golf course are washed into our waterways. Collier County Waterkeeper, with the support of information collected by the Conservancy, will seek out golf courses and suggest how they could install these water filters. Additionally, we will patrol and sample all 91 golf courses in Collier County to determine the top 10 where we are going to focus our attention. Our objective will be ton restoration through the installation of a natural water filters and remediation through working with the golf course to implement better practices.  If circumstances arise where legal action is the best course to take the Collier County Waterkeeper will.