meet Bill D'Antuono


Bill D'Antuono Is naturally drawn to water. Growing up in Naples meant he spent much of his time on the waterways; from Wiggins Pass to the Cocohatchee Bay and further south to Naples Bay, down through the seemingly endless mangroves and osprey dotted skies to Little Marco Pass and the area surrounding the infamous Keywadin Island. But Bill's appreciation of the unique beauty that Southwest Florida has to offer doesn't end at the wide ocean, and goes inland East to the mystifying swamp lands of the historic Everglades. 

These waters provided a lifetime of memories fishing, scuba diving, sunning, and cherishing what we all love most about Southwest Florida - emerald coasts and the diverse wildlife that accompany it. His 30 years in these waters fostered a loyalty and compassion that gave way to the rise of the Collier County Waterkeeper. After graduating from USF (Go Bulls!) with his degree in Advertising, Bill D'Antuono returned home to Naples to continue to peruse his passion for the water and became a SCUBA dive master.

Bill D'Antuono is a well-known Dive Master and OUPV Captain in the area. In 2012, Bill began the Naples Spearfishing League as an added effort to bring awareness and promote the eradication of the Lionfish in Naples, Fl. He is responsible for procuring the bill which lifted the ban on spearfishing in Collier County waters, an effort to help decimate the harmful and invasive Lionfish species that has begun encroaching on the western coast of Florida. Since then, a yearly Lionfish tournament is held by the Naples Spearfishing League and Collier County Waterkeeper to raise awareness and bring fisherman throughout Collier County (and beyond) together for a good cause.

Years of experience on the Collier County waterways and enthusiasm for its welfare has fatefully guided him to his position as the Collier County Waterkeeper, beginning in 2015. Bill aims to use this opportunity to ensure the Waterkeeper Alliance's main goal: swimmable, drinkable, fishable water throughout Collier County and beyond.