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Petition to "Save the Naples Towers!" The fishing and diving havens offshore of Collier County and the Florida Keys offer an irreplacable fishing and diving haven for recreational activity for anglers. The Towers need to be reefed. Add your name to the growing list!  - CCWK


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Our ability to study & protect clean water in Collier County relies on the community! Please consider a donation to the Collier County Waterkeeper as a way to promote fishable, drinkable and swimmable water right here in our backyard. 

To talk with the Collier County Waterkeeper, Harrison Langley Call 859-221-2728

Mail Donations to:

CCWK 575 17th ave south

Naples, FL 34102

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Our Story

Our Story




The story of the Collier County Waterkeeper starts at its founding in August of 2015.  The story of Collier County, Florida starts long before that.  The Waterkeeper Alliance is an internationally recognized, grassroots style organization that promotes swimmable, drinkable and fishable waterways. Collier County has transformed from groups of unknown fishing villages to a global tourist destination since the founding of the city if Naples in 1880 by Kentucky US Senator, John Stuart Williams.  Where once the only people strolling the white sandy beaches and fishing in crystal-clear water were the Caloosa Indians, today, fresh water is pumped into the Gordon River by the billions of gallons, litter the beaches with plastic, and have a focus on developing rather than saving our wet lands . This global reputation of Collier County is supported entirely by the health and vitality of our waterways; it is the aim of the Collier County Waterkeeper  to keep these waters swimmable, fishable and drinkable for millennia to come.